Ps.51:11 – Cast me not away from your presence,
and take not your Holy Spirit from me.

This verse come at one of the lowest points in King David’s life. He had sinned with Bathsheba and plotted to have her husband killed. David was exposed by a prophetic word from the prophet Nathan. Apparently, the convicting and supernatural nature of Nathan’s word shocked David back to his senses. He wrote Psalm 51, the famous psalm of repentance, as his prayer to be restored to his walk with the Lord. David realized the value of God’s presence and His anointing in his life. This prayer is a cry of desperate faith. William Cowper, the famous hymn writer from the 1700’s, wrote this commentary on this verse from Psalm 51.

“Cast me not away from thy presence. David lamented before that sin had slain him, and made him like a dead man, wanting a heart or quickening spirit; and now he fears lest, as the dead are abhorred by the living, so the Lord should cast him as a dead and abominable thing out of his presence. Whereof we learn this is one of the just punishments of sin; it procures the casting out of a man from the face of God; and it may let us see how dear bought are the pleasures of sin when a man to enjoy the face of the creature deprives himself of the comfortable face of the Creator; as David here, for the carnal love of the face of Bathsheba, puts himself in danger to be cast out forever from the presence of the Lord his God.”

William Cowper battled with depression, a battle that ultimately brought him to Christ. He was friends with John Newton who authored Amazing Grace. Cowper wrote the famous hymn, There is a Fountain Filled with Blood. Cowper had learned to value the presence of the Lord finding a peace there in his battle with depression. All of us deal with stuff in this difficult world we live in. Whether it is temptation to sin that hounded David or a bout with depression like challenged Cowper there is ‘A fountain Filled with Blood’ for all of us. This blood washes away all of our sin and ushers us into His presence. Now more than ever we need the presence of the Lord. Look to him in your struggles and you will find a sweet place of refuge there.

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