1 John 4:8 – …God is love.

Love is something all of us are aware of, even a newborn is aware of his mother’s love. Human love, the mother’s love for her children, is a picture of the love of God. The Lord is the fountainhead of all love. He is the source of infinite love, a love seen between the Father and His Son. Heaven will be the unveiling of this love to His sons and daughters. In this life, we taste the edge of His infinite love through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. His love is poured into us giving us a foretaste of heaven. Heaven will be an eternal adventure explore the depths of His love, something that we will never tire of as our experience of His love will increase in intensity forever. Here is a snippet from Edwards sermon on heaven.

“Love is in God as light is in the sun, which does not shine by a reflected light as the moon and planets do; but by his own light, and as the fountain of light. And love flows out from him towards all the inhabitants of heaven. It flows out…..infinitely towards his only begotten Son, being poured forth without measure, as to an object which is infinite, and so fully adequate to God’s love in its fountain. Infinite love is infinitely exercised towards him. The fountain does not only send forth large streams towards this object as it does to every other, but the very fountain itself wholly and altogether goes out towards him. And the Son of God is not only the infinite object of love, but he is also an infinite subject of it. He is not only the infinite object of the Father’s love, but he also infinitely loves the Father. The infinite essential love of God is, as it were, an infinite and eternal mutual holy energy between the Father and the Son, a pure, holy act whereby the Deity becomes nothing but an infinite and unchangeable act of love, which proceeds from both the Father and the Son.”

Reading this makes me think of the wedding garment required for entrance into heaven. This garment is actually Christ Himself that clothes us when we are born again. The Father’s omnipotent and endless love is focused on Christ – since we are clothed in Christ this love targets us. Heaven is nearer and more amazing than any of us know, the taste of Him in this life builds an expectancy in our hearts. Drink in His love now, He will strengthen us for the days before we step into His fullness.

3 thoughts on “GOD’S LOVE”

  1. If this is how good just touching the edge completely overwhelms every part of me, its no wonder we need a glorified body just to be able to endure more than just touching His edge.

  2. Being clothed in Christ, we target the Father’s Love… ?! Nothing can separate us!! I wish I had word to express this heart-piercing Truth! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️, so beautiful

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