Isa.64:1 – God, if only you would tear open
the heavenly realm and come down!
How the mountains would tremble
in your awesome presence!

This is an amazing prayer from the prophet Isaiah. He is pleading for the glory of God to be poured out. Isaiah’s comment was interesting, “the mountains would tremble in your awesome presence”. This actually happened in connection with the birth of the church. The earth shook at Christ’s death, His resurrection, and at the outpouring of the Spirit in Acts 4. This shaking of the earth seems to be connected to these significant outpourings. In April of 1906 two interesting events happened. The devastating earthquake that destroyed San Francisco and was felt in the entire state of California happened and at the same time the Azusa Street outpouring of the Holy Spirit began. Azusa reintroduced the Baptism in the Spirit evidenced by speaking in tongues to our modern world. Literally millions have received that experience over the last century. The world changed after Azusa Street. Here is one of the initial miracles in that outpouring described in Vinson Synan’s book.

“The weather was fair and warm that evening as Seymour and Lee made their way to the prayer meeting on Bonnie Brae Street. The service began as usual…….They had a song, three prayers, and some personal testimonies. Seymour preached on the Holy Spirit using Acts 2:4 as his text. When he finished, Lee lifted his hands to heaven and began speaking in tongues. Jennie Moore, resting on an organ stool, fell quickly to the floor. Immediately, she began speaking in tongues, the first woman in Los Angeles to receive. As she spoke, she was reminded of her vision. She said it seemed like “a vessel broke within me and water surged up through my being.” When this rush reached her mouth, she spoke in all six languages she had seen on the cards in her vision and after each message in tongues, there was an interpretation in English. After this, Moore, who had never played the piano before that time, went to the keyboard and played the instrument while singing in tongues.” I have the sense that we are in one of those Earth shaking seasons again. I am not predicting an earthquake in Southeast Louisiana, but between the hurricane cone six times in the Summer of 2020, and dealing with the Covid drama, I would have to say the world has been shaking. I also feel the wind of the Spirit increasing in intensity. I think we are in for quite a ride.

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  1. According to Wikipedia 2020 was the most active season on record. It also was the fifth consecutive above average season from 2016 onward! LORD stir up the flame in us!

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