Ps.36:9 – For with you is the fountain of life;
in your light do we see light.

Light is one of those things we take for granted until we don’t have it. Recently, we went through a long bad patch of weather. It was brutally cold and the sun hardly peeked out of the cloud bank for two weeks. When the sun and warmth reappeared it was like the beginning of a brand new day. In this passage David was singing about the love of God and delighting in His presence. In today’s verse he describes the effect of the brilliant light that flows out from God. Not only do we see the Lord in this light, we see everything else from an entirely different perspective, “in your light we see light”. Here is how Charles Spurgeon describes the radiant light of God.

“Light is the glory of life. Life in the dark is misery, and rather death than life. The Lord alone can give natural, intellectual, and spiritual life; he alone can make life bright and lustrous. In spiritual things the knowledge of God sheds a light on all other subjects. We need no candle to see the sun, we see it by its own radiance, and then see everything else by the same luster. We never see Jesus by the light of self, but self in the light of Jesus. No inward intelligence of ours leads us to receive the Spirit’s light, but the rather, it often helps to quench the sacred beam; purely and only by his own illumination, the Holy Ghost lights up the dark recesses of our heart’s ungodliness. Vain are they who look to learning and human wit, one ray from the throne of God is better than the noonday splendor of created wisdom. Lord, give me the sun, and let those who will delight in the wax candles of superstition and the phosphorescence of corrupt philosophy. Faith derives both light and life from God, and hence she neither dies nor darkens.”

Like everyone else, I had no idea I was wandering around in the dark before I met Christ. When His light shone into my heart for the first time I saw the beauty of Christ for myself. This light that flows out from Him also enlightened the rest of my world. I saw my sinfulness and His graciousness, I saw the beauty and power of His word, and I saw the magnificence of His church – the redeemed of the earth. As we drink of His goodness we are filled with His fountain of light. In this light we see everything else from the perspective of the Lord.

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  1. When I lack answers or direction and life has become difficult, that usually is because I’ve let the world overshadow me (lack of light and reading glasses physically, lack of Holy Spirit and Word perspective, spiritually) the parallels are surprisingly similar. Walking around in the dark, multiplies our risk of damage to ourselves and possibly others.

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