Acts 13:52 – And the disciples were continually filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes God comes down in unusual ways in the midst of His people. If He really is omnipotent and the origin of all power in the universe it shouldn’t be surprising if His visitations are accompanied by disruptions. I was quite unnerved at first when I attended a service with supernatural manifestations. I had previously come to conclusions about revival and God visitations that weren’t quite like what I was seeing in these services. There was extreme joy, (non-stop laughing), shouting for joy, jumping and running for joy, as well as people passing out on the floor or trembling. I had never seen this before and was highly skeptical until some of these things happened to me. These encounters back in 1994 led me on a search through revival history. Jonathan Edwards helped me sort through some of these things. Here is a quote from Edwards from his book Religious Affections dealing with how outpourings effect us.

“All affections whatsoever, have in some respect or degree, an effect on the body. As was observed before, such is our nature, and such are the laws of union of soul and body, that the mind can have no lively or vigorous exercise, without some effect upon the body….Yea, ’tis questionable, whether an embodied soul ever so much as thinks one thought, or has any exercise at all, but that there is some corresponding motion or alteration of motion, in some degree, of the fluids, in some part of the body. But universal experience shows, that the exercise of the affections, have in a special manner a tendency, to some sensible effect upon the body. And if this be so, that all affections have some effect on the body, we may then well suppose, the greater those affections be, and the more vigorous their exercise (other circumstances being equal) the greater will be the effect on the body. Hence it is not to be wondered at, that very great and strong exercises of the affections, should have great effects on the body.”

Lots of folks are praying for an awakening; they may not know quite what they are asking for. Outpourings are unpredictable, uncontrollable, and often quite messy. It may do you good to have a look at eyewitness accounts of previous awakenings so you can understand what you are asking for. Revival is certainly in the air. The question to be asked, are you in or out.

4 thoughts on “JOY EFFECTS US”

  1. I’m ready for uncontrollable, unpredictable and perhaps messy, I want a change that is expressed in absolute joy, that will leave me completely changed, so, I’m in!!!

  2. Amen!!???? Thomas Chalmers said Edward’s utter seriousness-his “blood-earnestness,” puts him out of sync with our chatty, humorous, entertainment-oriented, cartoon-illustrated spirituality.???‍♀️?. Edward’s sense of the desperate condition of mankind without God is so weighty that it takes our breath away. Help us Jesus! We just fall on our face before You…

  3. We are in an awakening now & soon the whole earth will be shaken. Believers will be prepared for the unpredictable the uncontrollable & the messiness. The unbelievers will be at a total loss to what is really happening! ??

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