Lk.5:4 – Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.

It is important to make the change in your life in which you step out of living only in the natural world and you begin to expect a miracle in your life. If you have no expectancy you will probably miss the miracle opportunity when it comes knocking at your door. In Luke’s account of Peter’s call he includes this supernatural fishing outing. Peter could have said no to the use of the boat or he could have said no to the unplanned fishing venture. He said yes both times and his world was radically and permanently changed. Here is how Oral Roberts describes this scene.

“They are expectant. They know something “good is going to happen to them”.
Now the command is given. “Here is your depth. Throw your net over.” Jesus’ voice is positive, His words electric. Eager hands throw the net; it settles into the water. Hungry fish strike it. Hands tighten. “Pull in the net,” the voice of the Master speaks again.
The fisherman pull and strain. In the net is their seed-giving, multiplied, fish by the hundreds: big ones, little ones, all kinds, jumping, leaping. Now they haul the net in. It’s too full. The cords begin to break.
The men cry out, “It’s too big for the boat! Look out, it’s going to sink!”
Concerned now with the catch, or the harvest, they call for other hands, other boats, and they are filled.
It was then that it dawned upon them. This man Jesus did what He had said, “Give, and it shall be given to you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom.”

Peter had known only the world of hard work, bills, and unrealized expectations and dreams up until this day in his life. All of that was about to change suddenly. Peter had welcomed Jesus into his world. This was more than a simple salvation prayer, Jesus was welcomed into Peter’s world. Jesus had use of Peter’s boat, his fishing partners, and Peter’s house. What did Peter get out of the deal? His bills were paid, his mother in law was healed, and Peter became the mouthpiece of the gospel that would change our world. You have no idea what God has planned for you. You can stay grumbling on the beach or launch out into the deep and expect a miracle.

2 Replies to “EXPECT A MIRACLE”

  1. This speaks so loudly to me about expectancy. Having been around a few minutes, I can easily recall my stumbles, a strategy employed by my enemy the devil to silence me by means of self condemnation and judgement. Having been caught up in this, I can spot this same thing way to often in others. No vision, no miracle expectancy. Jesus left the 99 and brought me back, then put me in front of a young man ready to open his door to salvation and we both broke through as I led him in prayer. I have eaten Matt 6:33 daily and gotten a room with a view.

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