Matt.6:33 – But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

This lesson is a game changer. Abraham had learned to trust God as his source and he displayed that when he left his home with all his friends and business connections and went to a new country. He had learned to look to God alone as his source. The hardest lesson came years later. After the miracle birth of his son Isaac the Lord asked for Abraham to give to God first and to give his best. He asked for Isaac to be Abraham’s seed, to plant this seed that a multitude of sons and daughters could be given to Abraham by faith. Through Abraham we see faith on display; we see what seed faith living looks like. Here is how Oral Roberts describes this central truth.

“The first key principle is to turn your life over to God and look to Him as the Source of your supply. Because you love God and trust in Him as your Source, the second key is to give to Him first. Whatever you give becomes seed for Him to multiply back in the form of your needs.
It is the giving of talent, the giving of time, the giving of love, the giving of compassion, the giving of money; really, it is the giving of yourself. Whatever the gift, it represents you. It is seed that you are sowing. God accepts it as Seed-Faith and applies to it the law of sowing and reaping.
God’s multiplying back what you give—I call this a miracle. I know no other word for it. Who can explain the phenomenon of a seed growing and multiplying?
Each time I visit the giant redwoods in California, I marvel at their size. Hundreds of years ago, each tree was one tiny seed. Looking at one tree through which a road is cut and seeing the mighty branches hundreds of feet above, all I can say is, “It’s a miracle.”

Years ago I was introduced to the ministry of Oral Roberts. Actually the timing was supernatural. I was given a book on seed faith living just as I made my way back to New Orleans in 1977. That book became God’s tool to lead me week by week. It was the vessel He provided to bring provision into our church. We learned as a congregation the importance of seed faith living. This is how God provided for this ministry for all of these years.

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