We Press

By Pastor Joy Jones

Luke 8:43-44- In the crowd that day was a woman who had suffered greatly for twelve years from slow bleeding. Even though she had spent all that she had on healers, she was still suffering. Pressing in through the crowd, she came up behind Jesus and touched the fringe of his garment. Instantly her bleeding stopped, and she was healed.

What a story for the ages! I remember when I got saved in 2013, it seemed like nothing could go right. Terrance and I had no money, no car, and I did not have a job. In a funny way I can relate to this lady in today’s passage; feeling drained and hopeless. She needed a miracle! She needed healing and breakthrough in her life! Often, we can allow our circumstances to dictate our decision making. The woman with the issue of blood said enough is enough. She pressed through the crowd that day just to touch a piece of thread on Jesus’s robe. What desperation! How desperate are you for breakthrough in your life? Here is an excerpt from one of Spurgeon’s sermons about today’s scripture.

“As the miracles of our Lord Jesus Christ are pictures of His wondrous works in the spiritual kingdom, so are they instructive, because they set forth much impressive and precious truth most vividly. Tonight, I have but one desire, and that is to lead some poor sin-sick soul to Jesus, and I shall not be satisfied unless very many shall this evening for the first time, break through this crowd and press forward to touch the hem of Christ’s robe and find immediate healing. I shall speak upon three things, first, upon this wonderful person, who, if He is but touched, gives out a healing virtue. Secondly, I shall speak upon that very remarkable touch, which is clearly a distinct thing from the touch and pressure of the eager, curious crowd. And then we will ask you to answer the singular personal question which the Savior puts to this assembly, “Who touched Me?” Perhaps there are some here tonight who will be able to say with trembling assurance, “I touched Him and He has made me whole.” May the Holy Spirit cause it to be so.”

So, are you desperate enough to press in? To press through your issue? What is it? Fear, Covid, Finances, Addiction, Marriage? The list goes on and on. It was not until I reached out and grabbed a hold of Jesus where I received breakthrough in my personal situation. Will you reach out to Him today? He is waiting! Come on, step out in faith! It is time to receive your personal healing so you can be made complete and whole. It is time to press in and RUN!

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