Jn.21:1 – After these things Jesus revealed Himself again to the disciples at the Sea of Tiberias, and He revealed Himself in this way:

Most people in our culture have some sort of idea of who Christ is and many have come to conclusions of the implications of that belief. If you pay close attention to today’s verse there is a little glimpse into the edge of the invisible kingdom. When John recorded these words he still had a vivid image of the scene on the shores of the Sea of Galilee (same as Sea of Tiberias) that morning when Jesus was waiting for the disciples on the beach. This is a couple of weeks after the resurrection and a couple of weeks before Christ returned to heaven. What is that opening, where we can see behind the veil? It’s right there where “Jesus revealed Himself” to his disciples. Think about that statement for a minute. These men had been with Christ constantly for the last three years yet “Jesus revealed Himself”. That tells me something very special; there is more of Christ and knowing Him than any of us can begin to know.
Jesus has revealed Himself to me recently in a whole new way. I would have to say that this is the third time in my life that Jesus revealed Himself to me. The first time was at my conversion and my calling to follow Christ. That revelation of Christ has been the foundation of my life and ministry since 1973. Of course the second time Jesus revealed Himself to me was in 1994 when the power of His presence fell on me in unprecedented measures, and I saw Christ in His heavenly ministry as the Baptizer in the Holy Spirit. That unveiling of Christ brought me to a deeper experience of His love, His joy, and His power in my life. The most recent was in the Tulane Medical Center when Jesus came into my room. All I can say is that He revealed Himself to me- I am not sure where that new glimpse into the eternal world will lead me exactly.

All of us realize our world has changed during 2020 and 2021. A revelation of Christ has become essential for all of us in our present world circumstances. I need His love. I need His wisdom. I need His joy. I need His moral purity. I need His courage. I need His power. I guess it is safe to say, “I need Jesus”. Stop for a moment and open up your heart. The disciples didn’t even know Jesus had been with them on the beach about 100 yards away – possibly all night, at least He had been there long enough to start a fire and cook some fish. They looked toward the Lord and Jesus revealed Himself.


  1. Yearning for a new revelation,
    I have a Spirit of anticipation, I need Him more than ever……I know a break through is coming!

  2. Just when we think we know Him… He knocks everything off the table. We can stare at the mess and wonder why, throw a tantrum and refuse to acknowledge our short comings, or repent in humility and say show me the way.

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