Ps.46:5 – God is in the midst of her, she will not be moved;
God will help her when morning dawns.

I seem like I am stuck on one thing the last week or so (you would be too if you were in my shoes). When I woke from my sleep the first morning in the hospital Jesus was waiting for me in my room. The presence of that moment is still with me this morning. The Lord being there was all that I needed. He was unveiling to me what Him being my refuge is all about. As He began to speak to me I felt a love and a confidence that I cannot express in human words. He is like no other, He is a man, and He is touched with the troubles that we go through. His words are like medicine and life that effects every part of us. His presence wraps around, totally cocooning us in His love. Here is how Spurgeon describes today’s verse.

“His help is therefore sure and near. Is she besieged, then he is himself besieged within her, and we may be certain that he will break forth upon his adversaries. How near is the Lord to the distresses of his saints, since he sojourns in their midst!….As soon as the first ray of light proclaims the coming day, at the turning of the morning God’s right arm shall be outstretched for his people. The Lord is up betimes. We are slow to meet him, but he is never tardy in helping us. Impatience complains of divine delays, but in very deed the Lord is not slack concerning his promise. Man’s haste is often folly, but God’s apparent delays are ever wise; and when rightly viewed, are no delays at all. Today the bands of evil may environ the church of God, and threaten her with destruction; but ere long they shall pass away like the foam on the waters, and the noise of their tumult shall be silent in the grave.”

All of us need help; what kind of help do you need today? He is nearer than you know and is never shaken no matter how severe your circumstances may be. He has an answer; He is the answer. Your fears and worries melt like wax before Him, nothing can stand before His majesty. He is with you – He is in you – you will not be moved.

One Reply to “HELP AT THE DAWN”

  1. “Mans haste is often folly, but God’s apparent delays are ever wise; and when rightly viewed, are no delay at all “
    Bingo. Thanks!

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