By Pastor Rachel Young

“The one who breaks through goes up before them; They break through, pass through the gate, and go out by it. So their king passes on before them, And the Lord at their head.” Micah 2:13 NASB

A couple years ago, the majority of Victory staff took tests to determine our specific personality types in order to learn how to better communicate and understand one another. To no surprise, I learned that I had a high “C” personality. This means that I prefer things structured and sensible and I am not fond of sudden change and conflict. Now don’t get me wrong, those qualities are not necessarily bad, however, in the realm of the supernatural, that is typically NOT how God operates! With that being said, in order for me not to become rigid, religious, stiff, and enslaved by my fears or natural inclinations, I need breakthrough and I need it often! Thank God for the promptings of His Holy Spirit and His anointing upon my heart to respond!

We are in a season of breakthrough and renewal! Christ is calling each of us to a new place of freedom in Him; both individually and as a body! He loves us so much that He doesn’t want us to stay the same; imprisoned in our own comforts and restricted by our intellectual limitations. At the end of the day, He just wants our hearts. He bids us to let go and ‘Come’ after Him! It’s not always easy, and it’s certainly not comfortable, but it is His way! And He is WORTHY! We only have to listen and obey. When we do, He breaks through! 

I love the way Matthew Henry puts it: “If we feel that the Breaker is before us, and that we are marching behind Him, then whithersoever He leads us we may follow, and whatsoever He has passed through we may pass through. Let us leave the direction of our road in His hands, who never says ‘Go!’ but always ‘Come!’ This General marches in the midst of His battalions and sets His soldiers on no enterprises or forlorn hopes which He has not Himself dared and overcome. So, Christ goes as our Companion before us, the true pillar of fire and cloud in which the present Deity abode, and He is with us in real companionship. Our joyful march through the wilderness is directed, patterned, protected, companioned by Him, and when He ‘putteth forth His own sheep,’ blessed be His name, ‘He goeth before them.’”

The only obstacle in Christ’s great plan of victory are our own plans for happiness! When we surrender ourselves to Him in utter dependence, we shall be sure to “go out with songs and everlasting joy upon [our] heads; freemen, and on the march to the home of [our] Father.” Matthew Henry


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