Ps.110:4 – The LORD has sworn and will not change His mind,
“You are a priest forever
According to the order of Melchizedek.”

When someone goes to swearing, things have become pretty serious. I don’t know of any other time when the Lord is said to have sworn. He is making an oath and a promise. Obviously He is very serious about this, about the heavenly priesthood of His Son. Actually He is more serious about this than anything else. Everything about the crown of His creation; the human race, lies in the balance with the success of His heavenly priesthood. Think about it for a moment; He became a man for this purpose, to die for us and represent us before the Father as one of us. This is the most sacred of all things, Christ is my priest forever. Here is what Spurgeon says in his comments on this verse.

“It must be a solemn and a sure matter that leads the Eternal to swear with an oath that fixes and settles the decree forever; but in this case, as if to make assurance a thousand times sure, it is added, “and will not repent.” It is done—and done forever and ever: Jesus is sworn in to be the priest of his people, and he must abide so even to the end because his commission is sealed by the unchanging oath of the immutable Jehovah. If his priesthood could be revoked and his authority removed, it would be the end of all hope and life for the people he loves; but this sure rock is the basis of our security. The oath of God establishes our glorious Lord both in his priesthood and in his throne. The Lord has constituted him a priest forever. He has done it by oath. That oath is without repentance, is taking effect now, and will stand throughout all ages. Hence our security in him is placed beyond all question.”

For those that are unfamiliar with Melchezidek, he was a mysterious priest who ministered to Abraham bread and wine. Paul said that he was without a mother or father and was an eternal priest. This is a picture of the heavenly ministry of Jesus. He is my priest forever. My total righteousness before God for eternity in heaven is based on the ministry of Christ as my heavenly priest. Jesus is in heaven right now, praying for me, pouring His Spirit on me, and making fellowship with God possible for me. My access into His presence starts now, it will only be infinitely better in heaven.

4 Replies to “THE LORD HAS SWORN”

  1. The Lord stands at your right right hand to protect you.
    Psalm CJB Adonai has sworn it, and he will never retract “ You are a Cohen forever, to be compared with Malik-Tzedek . Adonai at your right hand……
    Personally I love the writings of David !

  2. He is my priest forever, placed beyond all question . Who God has placed in Jesus’s hands no one can remove, securely in his hands forever . Nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus. I am thankful for all things , because God uses all things to work together for my good . All glory, honor, and glory to my Abba !

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