2 Chron.5:11-13 – When the priests came out from the holy place…and with them 120 priests blowing trumpets in unison when the trumpeters and the singers were to make themselves heard with one voice to praise and to glorify the LORD,

This passage is an obvious picture of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. This is describing the dedication of Solomon’s temple and the amazing outpouring of God’s glory on that day. It was a foreshadowing of the outpouring of the Spirit on the church which had gathered in the upper room in Jerusalem. The good news is that this outpouring was only the beginning, we still live in those days when God’s glory is filling the earth. One of the glimpses we see in this passage is the harmony of the priests and the musicians. There was a spiritual harmony that was comparable to the harmony on the day of Pentecost. Here is how Jonathan Edwards describes this event.

“So when it shall come to that in the latter days, that the ministers of the gospel shall generally be united in preaching the true doctrine of the gospel of God’s glorious grace, those doctrines especially that are in a peculiar manner evangelical, by which especially is manifested the glory of God’s eternal mercy, and free and sovereign immutable grace through Christ Jesus, by which especially the preached gospel is like a song of praise to the Most High: I say, when once it comes to this, and when, withal, ministers shall be united in affection and act in union as fellow laborers and fellow helpers to the grace of God, then shall the glory of God remarkably appear in his church and fill the world. When ministers are thus of one mind and live in peace, then shall the God of love and peace be with them. Then shall the Spirit of God, as a spirit of light, holiness, and joy, descend from heaven in a very new and glorious manner; and remarkable success shall attend the preaching of the gospel everywhere; and then shall be the proper commencement of the day of the church’s rest, glory, and triumph on earth.”

Edwards says that the preaching of the gospel is like a song of praise to our God. He sees a time when the voices of His preachers will be as one as they proclaim the message of salvation in Christ alone. I believe we are in that time and the voice of His ministers are a magnificent song of praise to the Lord. Maybe this last year, 2020, has put the church and His ministers in a new place of hunger and expectancy. Maybe we are ready to proclaim Christ and see a new harmony explode in a harvest of souls. I think its time for all of us to sing God’s new song and see the glory of God fall in His house again and again.


  1. Now this message, a prophetic one that I fully embrace, resonates the sounds and image of a unity to be displayed, only possible through the leadership of the Helper, the Comforter, the least known, the most misunderstood, yet the one placed here until Jesus’ return. Failure under the Holy Spirits watch? No chance!

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