Rom.1:20 – For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, being understood by what has been made, so that they are without excuse.

God’s glory is literally all around us. The same grace that opens our eyes to see God’s glory in Christ, in His word, or in redemption is the grace that opens our eyes to see God’s glory and attributes in what He has made. Everything that God has made carries His handiwork; in other words God reveals Himself in what He has made. Flowers, oxygen, oceans, rivers, elephants, and orangutans; they all display aspects of our Creator. His creative genius is on display right under our noses everyday. The swamps, savannas, deserts, and mountain ranges are part of His artistic masterpiece all proclaiming the greatness of His glory. No wonder Jesus said if you won’t praise Him the rocks will. Rocks are always praising Him. Here is a great quote from John Frame on the glory of God in creation.

“Everything in creation bears some analogy to God. All the world has been made with God’s stamp on it, revealing Him. Creation is His temple, heaven His throne, earth His footstool. Thus Scripture finds analogies to God in every area of creation: inanimate objects (God the “rock of Israel,” Christ the “door of the sheep,” the Spirit as wind, breath, fire), plant life (God’s strength like the cedars of Lebanon, Christ the “bread of life”), animals (Christ the “Lion of Judah,” the “lamb of God”), human beings (God as king, landowner, lover; Christ as prophet, priest, king, servant, son, friend). . . . All this can be boiled down to a simple fact: The universe and everything in it symbolizes God.”

Us city dwellers have a hard time seeing this display of God’s glory. Our world is crowded with interstates, emails, phones, computers and human voices. Green meadows, starry nights, and bubbling brooks become like a foreign dialect. The longer we spend shut up in our fast paced internet driven world, the duller His voice becomes to our ears. Creating time to see God in His creation is important. Spend a day at City Park, take a drive into the country and see the trees and feel the wind. Try to go outside (away from the city lights) and observe His greatness in the heavens. We can join the tradition of God’s people through the ages discovering God’s glory in what He has made.

2 thoughts on “NO EXCUSES”

  1. Because of it’s misuse, we often see the “trash” of this place instead of the wonderful beauty because of our human influences. We are made in the image of God, but cover ourselves like a barrier with misinformed attitudes that are in direct conflict to our Creators plans. It takes a miraculous moment of seeing and hearing to discover that which has always been there, but unnoticed.

  2. Our eyes are blinded by the light of this world. We seek Him and his light becomes part of us. Only then can we remove the earthen basket that hid His light. In prayer praise and worship will His light shine through us.

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