Lk.9:13 – We have no more than five loaves and two fishes; except we should go and buy food for all this people.

Christianity today needs to make a turn to the supernatural. When was the last time you saw a miracle? Even more scary, when was the last time you were believing God or looking for a miracle? We are too much like the disciples in this passage, how much money do we have and where is the store? Jesus was not looking for what the disciples could produce that day, He wanted to show His glory through the power of signs and wonders. This generation needs to see His power. Today’s world will never be impacted in a major way for His kingdom without a new surge of signs and wonders. That was what Jesus was interested in that day. He wanted to feed the people by displaying His miracle power. Could it be that that is what we are all hungry for anyway? Only the power of God will fill our hungry souls. Here is how Watchman Née describes the miracle of the fish and loaves.

“When Jesus said “Give ye them to eat,” it was not because He expected His disciples to have a plan, but because He wanted them to expect a miracle. Like us, however, they chose the easier way, the way which does not require the exercise of faith or prayer. Their solution was to “go and buy.” It was a proposal unworthy of disciples; it could as well have been made by Pharisees or even Sadducees. It displayed no faith, no trust in Him. As John’s Gospel makes plain, their thoughts were on their pockets. They had not enough money!
We only see what we can do. We shut our eyes to God and His inexhaustible resources. But God is not to be measured by us. Never mind what we can or cannot do; He is waiting to show us His miracles.”

In all of the drama in the 2020 Covid pandemic one of the main mantras repeated again and again was “follow the science”. Is it possible that at the end of the day we need more than science? Maybe we need the creator of science to calm the storms that surround us. Maybe the creator of fish and bread is what we are all really looking for. Maybe it’s time to take whatever we have and put it in the Master’s hands.


  1. It can either be “follow the science” or “politically correct”, to many of us have actually been influenced and at least partially ascribe to this mind set. What ever happened to “Biblically correct” It’s no wonder our world was so radically shut down, coincidence, I believe not. We are either for Him or against Him, you don’t want to be reminded what happens to the lukewarm.

  2. Michelle Cruz Roques

    I have been loving your blogs! They only follow the science as long as the science supports their opinions. Science is thrown out the window when it doesn’t. The supernatural, unchangeable, all encompassing truth in Christ is the only tangible absolute. I truly believe signs and wonders are coming! No other belief system will be able to explain or replicate it. God will be Glorified!

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