Ps.1:1-4 – TPT – God’s splendor is a tale that is told;
his testament is written in the stars.
Space itself speaks his story every day
through the marvels of the heavens.
His truth is on tour in the starry vault of the sky,
showing his skill in creation’s craftsmanship.
Each day gushes out its message to the next,
night with night whispering its knowledge to all.
Without a sound, without a word, without a voice being heard,
Yet all the world can see its story.
Everywhere its gospel is clearly read so all may know.

It’s amazing about how our perception of all things changes as we are impacted by the Holy Spirit. Our view of Christ, the Bible, church, and God’s plan of redemption are obviously changed. For me, my view of God’s creation has also been changed by the work of the Holy Spirit in my life. I have become aware of God’s creative genius in His detail in His amazing creation. The harmony of things like the moon and its effect on the tides, the sun and its effect on just about everything. Things like the changing of the seasons, the beginning and ending of a new day, and of course heat and light and all that those things bring into our life. I have also become aware of God’s power and His infinite nature revealed in creation. All it takes is to drive out into the country and have a look at night into the heavens and you will see what I mean. His creation is apparently infinite and His power (think about the power of the sun) is unlimited. Here is how Jonathan Edwards described seeing God in His creation.

“I am not ashamed to own that I believe that the whole universe, heaven and earth, air and seas . . . be full of images of divine things . . . [so much so] that there is room for persons to be learning more and more of this language and seeing more of that which is declared in it to the end of the world without discovering [it] all.”

It’s as if blinders have been removed from my eyes. I couldn’t see Christ until my eyes were opened. The Bible was confusing until my eyes were opened. Creation seemed random and quite frightening until Jesus touched and opened my senses to His love. The heavens are speaking; take a minute to listen to its voice.


  1. How oblivious we can be to our surroundings, we have rejoiced at the latest form of entertainment inside machines in or on our hands or on our lap. We have allowed the very young to develop opinions about what life is to be as they are “tracked” by others. To be served and entertained all without having to leave your home or even bed has become the ultimate. City life, Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor sang about this back in 1965 and how the contrast has grown.

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