Matt.14:20 – And they did all eat, and were filled: and they took up of the fragments that remained twelve baskets full.

This miracle is the greatest of the pictures of the ministry of Jesus. Thousands were there that day, not one left hungry. This is a miracle speaking to us as one of the great parables of Jesus. The Lord was actually displaying His ability to meet our greatest need – even though most of the folks there had no idea what they really needed. Doesn’t that sound familiar? These participants showed their true colors the next day; all they could think of was that they had fish and bread. They had no idea who Jesus was and the real gift that was staring them in the face that day. Here is how Charles Spurgeon describes this scene.

“No one was neglected, no one refused, no one was too faint, no one left off till he was satisfied, no one needed anything else, no one found that the food did not suit him; for indeed they were all hungry, “and they did all eat. ” No one stinted himself, or was stinted, all “were filled. ” Ours is a filling Benefactor, and he provides filling food. After the feast, twelve great baskets were needed to hold the fragments. It was impossible to exhaust the store. The baskets were full as well as the people. There was more provision after the feeding than before it. By feeding others our stock increases. That which was left had been blessed as well as that which was eaten, and therefore it was fine food for the disciples. They gave plain bread and fish, and they receive more in quantity, and a blessing to improve the quality. Those who wait upon others at Christ’s bidding shall have a fair portion for themselves. Those who fill others’ mouths shall have their own baskets filled. Everybody is satisfied when Jesus makes the feast.”

So what was this miracle really about? It teaches us one of the things Jesus had always taught, “Man shall not live by bread alone”. Just because your belly is full, your bills are paid, and you have money in the bank doesn’t mean all is well with your soul. Happiness is about more than this physical world. Just feeding or healing someone is never enough. To be made complete we must have the true bread that comes from heaven – Jesus Himself.


  1. This speaks to me about letting Jesus take over. It’s not an easy thing, in fact I found it’s something that requires our constant attention and even then, there can come testing, like a pop quiz, and those don’t always produce favorable results. Unlike us, God is never in a hurry, in fact we need to appreciate His great patience. The more complete my following becomes, the less likely I am to miss a meal.

  2. Quenisha Landry

    When I read this I think about many people of world. They have found everything in the world that makes them look happy from the best clothing brands, shoes,huge amounts of money,etc. They be so happy living in the world but so lost to what is needed most.
    Our Father
    Thank you Jesus for feeding me bread of life and not of this world.

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