Matt.14:36 – So they brought him all their sick, begging him to let them touch the fringe of his robe. And everyone who touched it was instantly healed!

What an amazing 24 hours had just passed. Jesus got the news that His cousin John had been killed, tried to get away in seclusion but the people were coming from everywhere. He spent some time teaching the people and healing the sick, hurting people always got His attention. Then there was the multiplication of the fish and bread; 5,000 hungry spectators all ate until they were satisfied. Next, He dispersed the crowd, sent His disciples on their way, and went off up the mountain for some time alone with His Father. From there He had to rescue the disciples,walking out to them on the water, stilled the storm, rescued Peter, and transported the boat full of fishermen to the other side of the lake. The crowd was waiting on the shore. How could He turn the desperate away? Power was now surging from Him, healing all who touched the fringe of His garment. Here is how Barclay describes this incredible scene.

“This is just one of Matthew’s almost colorless little connecting passages. It is a sentence or two of the gospel story that the eye might easily pass over as quite unimportant; and yet it is very revealing of Jesus. There is beauty in it. No sooner did Jesus appear anywhere than people were crowding and clamoring for his help; and he never refused it. He healed them all. There is no word here that he preached or taught at any length; there is simply the record that he healed. The most tremendous thing about Jesus was that he taught men and women what God was like by showing them what God was like. He did not tell them that God cared; he showed them that God cared. There is little use in preaching the love of God in words without showing the love of God in action.”

Today many people either play down or totally ignore the anointing. It is the anointing that heals the sick and breaks the power of sin from off of our lives. Remember, Jesus had just spent time with His Father, walked on water, and transported a boat; of course the power was present to heal everyone who touched His robe.

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  1. To me the anointing is the sum total of the over flow from time spent in His presence, which then, depending on the person carrying this heavenly release, can be dispensed to others. Access and limits are never withheld, the veil was torn! Jesus made it who so ever will.

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