2 Cor.13:14 – The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.

Today, against my better judgement, I am going to wade out into waters that are too deep to comprehend. I am going to take a glimpse at the Trinity. To think someone understands the Trinity is the height of arrogance and insanity, but here I go.
Jesus is called in the scriptures the Word of God. Obviously the only word He could possibly be is the word of the Father. Jesus is the Father’s idea of Himself. Jesus is the very outshining or the image of the Father. The Father gazes upon His Son and sees the very image of Himself. The Father loves His Son. If you think about the impact of that statement, the infinite Father and His infinite Son loving one another the implications are unthinkable. Eternal, infinite love between the Father and the Son completes the Trinity. This love between the Father and Son is so profound that a third distinct person is expressed, the Holy Spirit. Here is how young Jonathan Edwards expressed the beauty of the Trinity.

“The Godhead being thus begotten by God’s having an idea of himself and standing forth in a distinct subsistence or person in that idea, there proceeds a most pure act, and an infinitely holy and sweet energy arises between the Father and Son: for their love and joy is mutual, in mutually loving and delighting in each other. Prov. 8:30, “I was daily his delight, rejoicing always before [him].” This is the eternal and most perfect and essential act of the divine nature, wherein the Godhead acts to an infinite degree and in the most perfect manner possible. The Deity becomes all act; the divine essence itself flows out and is as it were breathed forth in love and joy. So that the Godhead therein stands forth in yet another manner of subsistence, and there proceeds the third person in the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, viz. the Deity in act: for there is no other act but the act of the will.”

Don’t get scared away by Edwards’ words, they touch the greatest of all mysteries. This is the fountainhead of all creation. This is the source of family and love that our hearts all long for. This is the fellowship we have been brought into by the blood of Jesus.

3 thoughts on “FATHER, SON, AND, HOLY SPIRIT”

  1. This is something we “touch” every time, in the simplicity of His Word, we receive a revelation enlightening us to a newly discovered aspect that unfolds before us. These discoveries are unlimited, just as They also create forever.

  2. ??..a Holy and sweet energy rises between the Father and Son…mutual love and delight…because there is no other act but the act of the will.. this is amazing.❤️‍?❤️‍? Who are we to have been chosen to receive this kind of Love?! There are moments (usually when I stargaze), that my body is here…but I’m totally wrapped up and ‘know’ that I’m really seated in heavenly places..

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