Jn.1:4 – In Him was life, and the life was the Light of mankind.

Jesus came to this earth to give us life. The New Testament clearly teaches that until someone is born again they are actually dead. It is the resurrection life of Christ that is imparted to us that brings us into life. Many folks think that accepting Christ is about simply guaranteeing our heavenly residence and giving us the ability to continue the same life we had before with more earthly blessings. Nothing could be more wrong. This life Jesus is speaking of is quality of life, the very life that the Father and the Son enjoy. We were created by God to enjoy His life, nothing else could ever satisfy our hungry hearts. The NT Word Dictionary gives us a glimpse into this word life.

“Of life or existence after rising from the dead, only of Christ…. In the sense of existence, life, in an absolute sense and without end.”

This resurrection, supernatural life enters into us when we accept Christ. This actually brings us into life now which will only increase infinitely when we go to be with the Lord. Here is how Barclay describes this word life.

“Quite simply, he means that life is the opposite of destruction, condemnation and death. God sent his Son that everyone who believes should not perish but have eternal life (3:16). Anyone who hears and believes has eternal life and will not come into judgment (5:24). There is a contrast between the resurrection to life and the resurrection to judgment (5:29). Those to whom Jesus gives life will never perish (10:28). There is in Jesus that which gives security in this life and in the life to come. Until we accept Jesus and take him as our Savior and enthrone him as our King, we cannot be said to live at all. Those who live Christ-less lives exist, but they do not know what life is. Jesus is the one person who can make life worth living, and in whose company death is only the prelude to fuller life.”

Life begins with Jesus. You can’t see it until you experience it. Once you are in Christ the old life is seen for what it is, an empty facade filled with empty promises. In Christ alone we find real life, the life of God coming to live in our very soul.

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  1. Wow, this makes me think towards two things: 1) the rich young man (Matt. 19) who had a conversation with Jesus explaining how he (the young man) had lived an honorable life and wanted to know if there was something more he was to do. “Give away everything and come follow Me for the rest of your life” 2) Why do we only hear crickets after hearing these directly quoted words from Jesus’ mouth? Actually three, could this one directive be the breakthrough in His church that produces the harvest and fulfillment that ushers in Jesus’ return?

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