Jn.1;17 – For the Law was given through Moses; grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.

The very name of Jesus enlarges everyone He touches. John says that grace and truth were realized through Him. Everything about our lives is enhanced and made alive by Jesus. Paul said we were dead, dead in our sin, before we met Him. His grace attracts and awakens us to who He is. His truth, the reality of who God is, transforms us. Here is how Adam Clarke describes this verse.

“…this root, in its true force, meaning, and majesty, both in Hebrew and Arabic, includes the ideas of amplitude, expansion, and space, and should be translated, he was spacious-open-ample; and, particularly, he possessed a spacious or extensive degree or rank: and is applied, 1. To a person possessing abundance of riches. 2. To one possessing abundant power. 3. To one possessing abundant or extensive knowledge 4. To one possessing abundance of happiness, beatitude, and glory.
Man by nature is in want and poverty: in abjectness and weakness: in darkness and ignorance: in straits and captivity: in wretchedness and infamy. His Redeemer is called ישועה JESUS-he who looses, enlarges, and endows with salvation. 1. He enriches man’s poverty: 2. strengthens his weakness: 3. teaches his ignorance: 4. brings him out of straits and difficulties: and 5. raises him to happiness, beatitude, and glory. And the aggregate of these is SALVATION. Hence that saying, His name shall be called JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.”

We were all poor, without anything of eternal value, until we met Him. He has filled our lives with His spiritual riches. We were weak, dependent on our own limited abilities. Christ has filled us with His supernatural power. We were spiritually ignorant, we had no knowledge of God. Now we are filled with the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, unveiling the riches of Christ to us and in us. We have been stuck in trials, afflictions, and difficulties, we wandered as blind and helpless until Christ became our help. He is more than enough. He helps us in all of our afflictions through His wisdom and power. He has also filled us with His supernatural joy. He has literally turned our mourning into dancing. He has awakened us by His grace and transformed us with His truth. Grace and truth are unveiled to us in Christ.

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  1. He has picked me up from many pits. His hand is ever present, His love changes my unloveliness to restore me as He is. He replaces my shame through His grace with spotlessness. He is more than wonderful, Jesus!

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