Lk.5:14 – You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden;

As soon as you become a Christian you have a target put on you. It seems to be the ambition of many lost people to trip up a Christian, to destroy their testimony. Our lives are like lights in the middle of a dark world. We are pretty hard not to notice. Our job is to let the light of the gospel shine through us in our words and in our actions. In other words, it’s not what you say to people in the world that matters all that much, it’s who you are and how you live. A light doesn’t have to make an announcement that it is shining; all the light has to do is shine and everyone will see it. Here is how Matthew Henry describes this phrase light of the world.

“As the lights of the world, they are illustrious and conspicuous, and have many eyes upon them. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. The disciples of Christ, especially those who are forward and zealous in his service, become remarkable, and are taken notice of as beacons. They are for signs, men wondered at; all their neighbors have any eye upon them. Some admire them, commend them, rejoice in them, and study to imitate them; others envy them, hate them, censure them, and study to blast them. They are concerned therefore to walk circumspectly, because of their observers; they are as spectacles to the world, and must take heed of every thing that looks ill, because they are so much looked at. The disciples of Christ were obscure men before he called them, but the character he put upon them dignified them, and as preachers of the gospel they made a figure; and though they were reproached for it by some, they were respected for it by others, advanced to thrones, and made judges; for Christ will honor those that honor him.”

Lights are always placed strategically in the world we live in. They are placed in important places in your home, and they are placed outside so we can maneuver in the dark. You are a light, and the Lord has placed you strategically in your world. Don’t hide your light under a basket; let it shine in this darkened world. In the difficult time we live in, each Christian becomes a kind of lighthouse in the world to help people find their way.


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