Jn.11:25,26 – “I am the Resurrection, and I am Life Eternal. Anyone who clings to me in faith, even though he dies, will live forever. And the one who lives by believing in me will never die. Do you believe this?”

This could be the most radical statement of all made by Jesus Christ. He used the phrase from the Old Testament “I am” and connected it to the Resurrection. He claimed to be the very resurrection Himself. What exactly was Jesus saying in this passage? He was saying that mankind is all bound by death. We are all held captive by sin or death itself until we are awakened from our death. Jesus called it being born again. Lazarus was a picture of all mankind being bound by sin and death. One word from the One who claimed to be the Resurrection brought Lazarus up from the dead. Here is how Brian Simmons explains this miracle:

“The Aramaic uses a word that is related linguistically to the name Noah, who was symbolically “resurrected” from the flood as the life-giver to those who repopulated the earth. Resurrection is superior to life, for life can be defeated and ended. But resurrection overcomes. Life is the power to exist, but resurrection is the power to conquer all, even death itself. Believers must learn to live in Christ our Life, but also, Christ our Resurrection to conquer all things.”

So Jesus was talking about more than being raised up from the tombs at the end of the age. He was actually talking about being raised to life out of death in this life now. We were once enslaved to our personal sinful desires, now we have been raised up into new life. Here is how Paul says it in Philippians.

Phil.3:10,11 – “And I continually long to know the wonders of Jesus more fully and to experience the overflowing power of his resurrection working in me. I will be one with him in his sufferings and I will be one with him in his death. Only then will I be able to experience complete oneness with him in his resurrection from the realm of death.”

Salvation is more than just after life insurance; it is a new way of supernatural life starting now. Are you still “dead in your sins” or have you been truly born again?

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