Mk.4:35 – On that day, when evening came, He said to them, “Let’s go over to the other side”.

I have been kind of stuck on this story from the gospel of Mark since Ida came ashore last week. It seems like Jesus is familiar with storms and apparently reveals Himself through them all along. Jesus and His disciple had had a long day. They had been ministering near Capernaum non-stop and everyone was at the point of exhaustion. Going to the other side of the lake may have seemed like a vacay to the disciples. Soon enough they would find out it was anything but that. Not long after they had shoved off, Jesus settled in for a nice long nap. He hadn’t been sleeping for long until everything went sideways. The wind began to blow, the waves were filling the boat with water; it wouldn’t take much to send the whole crew to the bottom of the lake. “Wake up!” They began to shout, “Don’t you care if we all perish?” The one thing everyone seemed to have forgotten is that Jesus said, “Let’s go to the other side of the lake”. That was important; if Jesus said we are going to the other side you can take it to the bank. Nobody would drown, everybody was going to Gadara that day. Here is how Matthew Henry describes this scene:

“He himself proposed putting to sea at night, because he would lose no time; Let us pass over to the other side; for we shall find, in the next chapter, he has work to do there. Christ went about doing good, and no difficulties in his way should hinder him; thus industrious we should be in serving him, and our generation according to his will.”

Now that brings us to the whole reason we are talking about a storm that happened 2000 years ago. Jesus was headed to the other side because of a demonized man who was there. This man was critical to the kingdom of God. That apostolic band had to go through some tough treading to get there, but get there they must. We are now on the other side of this storm called Ida. There are some hurting people waiting for us here. It’s time to minister to the oppressed and fearful. After all, this is why we came to the other side.

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