Matt.8:27 – The men were amazed, and said, “What kind of a man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey Him?”

This miracle began to change everything for the followers of Jesus. When they saw the storm, wind, and waves, they instantly began to respond to His voice. They finally began to see it; this was more than a prophet they were dealing with- this was the Lord of all creation. There was no other explanation, they were witnessing another degree of greatness that they had never seen before. What was their response? The only response that was appropriate was worship. Nothing else would respect the greatness of what they had just witnessed. The NASB says they were amazed, the KJV says that they marveled, the Passion says that they were astonished, the Amplified says stunned and bewildered, and the Message simply says they rubbed their eyes. Words can’t really describe this moment, the only recourse was to worship Him as the only Son of God. Here is how Spurgeon describes this moment:

“It was well that they wondered; it would have been better had they adored.
If Christ had been only man, the wonder about him would have been beyond all wonderment. He was divine, and hence to his royal word all nature yielded. This is the end of the wonder of the intellect, but it is the beginning of the worship of the heart. In this case, our glorious King for the moment unveiled his glory, and commanded obedience from the most boisterous of the elements. In our own cases how often have we had to cry out, “What manner of man is this! ” How grandly has he brought us through terrible storms! How easily has he calmed the surges of our souls!
Blessed be his name! Still “the winds and the sea obey him. ”

So has the light turned on yet? You know what I mean. Have you seen the greatness of Jesus for yourself? If so, you too can do nothing else and nothing less. We have to worship His greatness. You see, it is the greatness and goodness of God that creates worshippers. You can learn all the right church songs and sing them just the right way, but seeing greatness is an absolute game changer. Ida has passed, we are still here, and Jesus is still speaking to storms. All that is left for me to do is worship.

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