Job.38:1,2 – And now, finally, GOD answered Job from the eye of a violent storm. He said: “Why do you confuse the issue?
Why do you talk without knowing what you’re talking about?”

This is a classic passage from the Bible dealing with the suffering of Job. Job’s sufferings vanished in a moment of time as the Eternal One suddenly appeared in the eye of a violent storm. Those last nine months of intense agony disappeared in the light of the glory of God that suddenly confronted Job. The Lord determines how and when He visits us. We really have very little say in the matter. For Moses, the Lord appeared in a burning bush while he was living in exile. John had his encounter in exile as well; Jesus appearing to him while he was separated from his community living on the Isle of Patmos. And of course there was the prophet Jonah. He actually had to be swallowed by a giant fish in order to have his God encounter. Maybe some of you, myself included, felt a little like Jonah this week. Just throw me in the lake and everything will be okay.
The Lord actually spoke to Job from the eye of the storm. Before this, Job thought he had all of the spiritual answers. If anyone “knew the Lord” it was Job. I guess the great lesson we can take from this is that there are different degrees of “knowing the Lord”. Before this, Job’s knowledge of God was not first hand, he was just going by what others had told him all along. Now he had met the Lord for Himself. He found out that the Lord was much greater than he had realized.
Hopefully that is what has been happening to all of us in this Ida aftermath. Just as Job saw a clearer picture of the Lord after his visitation, the same can happen to us. We can see how the Lord uses even storms to advance His kingdom. Here we are, touching on His sovereignty. We can also see His great power displayed in creation. Who can create a storm with 150 mile per hour winds? We also taste the edge of His mercy. If not for His mercy each one of us would have been consumed. Storms also give us a chance to see His goodness through His church. Watch and see who actually shows up to give a helping hand during this recovery time. Make sure you let the lessons of the storm sink down deep…… our God has all of us in the palm of His hand.

3 thoughts on “JOB’S STORM”

  1. I do not ask that He must prove
    His Word is true to me,
    And that before I can believe
    He first must let me see.
    It’s enough for me to know
    It’s true because He says it’s so;
    On His unchanging Word I’ll stand
    And trust till I can understand. E.M. Winter

  2. Going thru this storm has showed me some deep lessons. First I was complaining about the inconvenience of losing electricity, being hot, and questioning why this was happening. Then I heard that there were people who were stuck in their attics and on roof tops waiting to be rescued. And it just broke me. I was being human, I know, but all that I was going thru was nothing compared to what loss others had been thru. I know my God is faithful He has been there for me all through my life He has never failed me. He is faithful!

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