Matt.3:17 – and behold, a voice from the heavens said, “This is My beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.”

Apparently the people who had known Jesus all of His life had no idea who He was. The only one who began to get it was John the Baptist, His cousin. These words from heaven sealed the deal for John. Apparently, the only one who heard this proclamation of the Father was Jesus and John. John had to be encouraged- this was the confirmation he had been waiting for. Jesus was the Messiah and the only begotten Son of God. John’s ministry would suddenly come to an end and the ministry of Jesus would replace him. Here is how Matthew Henry describes this passage:

“Jesus Christ is the Son of God, by eternal generation, as he was begotten of the Father before all the worlds; and by supernatural conception; he was therefore called the Son of God, because he was conceived by the power of the Holy Ghost; yet this is not all; he is the Son of God by special designation to the work and office of the world’s Redeemer. He was sanctified and sealed, and sent upon that errand, brought up with the Father for it, appointed to it; I will make him my First-born. The affection the Father had for him; He is my beloved Son; his dear Son, the Son of his love; he has lain in his bosom from all eternity, had been always his delight, but particularly as Mediator, and in undertaking the work of man’s salvation, he was his beloved Son. He is my Elect, in whom my soul delights. Because he consented to the covenant of redemption, and delighted to do that will of God, therefore the Father loved him.”

Even though we are not real comfortable with this, the Lord seems to wait until the last minute to change things. This could be called one of God’s “suddenlys” . Suddenly, Jesus would not be in Nazareth in the carpenter shop, suddenly, Peter wouldn’t be catching just fish, and suddenly, Mary Magdalene would not be turning tricks. Matthew wouldn’t be ripping people off as a tax collector, and the woman with the issue of blood wouldn’t be an outcast. That’s the beauty of the gospel, suddenly everything changes. One word or one touch and you are taken out of one reality into another.

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