Acts 10:10-12 – He was hungry and wanted to eat, but while lunch was being prepared he fell into a trance and entered into another realm. As the heavenly realm opened up, he saw something resembling a large linen tablecloth that descended from above, being let down to the earth by its four corners. As it floated down he saw that it held many kinds of four-footed animals, reptiles, and wild birds.

The last two years dealing with an international pandemic and unprecedented hurricane destruction has been quite a challenge. In the middle of all of this chaos, racial turmoil characterized by large portions of major cities being burned down in our country made things a whole lot worse. Seattle has whole areas still burned out with major national stores shut and boarded up. Obviously government or our public school system has not been able to educate or legislate racial hatred and injustice out of our society. There is good news and hope offered to us only in the gospel. Today’s verse points toward the tearing down of major racial barriers in the formative years of the Christian church. Jews and gentiles worshipping together was not a remote consideration until….until the Holy Spirit began to fall on all kinds of people. Historically outpourings of the Holy Spirit have been characterized by obliterating racial bias. The Azusa Street Revival is a prime example. The initial outpouring in that movement was at a small African American church which resulted in the historic revival that has effected millions of people for over one hundred years was led by the son of a former slave. In today’s scripture Peter did the unthinkable, he entered a gentile’s house and proceeded to preach the gospel. The rest is history, that outpouring birthed a wave of outpouring that continues in all nations today. Here is how the Passion Bible Notes describe this moment.

“The meaning of this spiritual vision is this: God has declared every human being to be of special worth and dignity. The entire world needs the gospel. The four corners of the large tablecloth represent the four corners of the earth. The clean animals represent God’s people, the Jews, and the unclean speak of the non-Jewish nations. This encounter helped Peter understand that God was about to send him off with the men who were at the door of the house, even though their religion had been labeled “unclean.””

So let’s press on; Pentecostal Christianity is not ‘a solution’ but the only solution to racial bias. The Lord is about to shock America one more time. This time the cities of America will burn with a different fire, the Pentecostal fire from heaven.


  1. Separation and hatred is birthed by pride and arrogance. Repentance produces humility when combined with the living Word of God. There is no other path by which we arrive at wholeness without a foundation of holiness to build on top of.

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