Acts 10:10 – He was hungry and wanted to eat, but while lunch was being prepared he fell into a trance and entered into another realm.

Some experiences that come by the Spirit can cause some to look at you as a little strange (or maybe a whole lot strange). Things like visions, speaking in tongues, prophetic utterances, or falling under the power make some people rather nervous. One of those types of things is talking about falling into a trance. Many Christians would look at someone who claimed to fall into a trance to be involved in the occult, some sort of mysticism, or just plain faking it. Trances are very real and Biblical. Today’s verse describe Peter falling into a trance and receiving important direction from the Lord. Trances can play a key role in bringing hope and direction to the church. Here is how Brian Simmons describes today’s verse followed by a comment from Adam Clarke about Pete’s trance.

“The Greek word for “trance” (ekstasis, from which we get the word ecstasy) literally means “to be taken to another place” (state or realm). He was actually taken into another realm as a trance came over him.”

“An ecstasy fell upon him. A person may be said to be in an ecstasy when transported with joy or admiration, so that he is insensible to every object but that on which he is engaged. Peter’s ecstasy is easily accounted for: he went up to the house-top to pray: at first he felt keen hunger; but, being earnestly engaged with God, all natural appetites became absorbed in the intense application of his soul to his Maker. While every passion and appetite was under this Divine influence, and the soul, without let or hinderance, freely conversing with God, then the visionary and symbolical representation mentioned here took place.”

I had an experience with falling into a trance several years ago while soaking on the floor at our church during the outpouring of 1994. I saw a clear picture of a flood in Southeast Louisiana that was very real and specific. I had seen that the levees were failed and water had poured into this region. There was no fear involved and I immediately realized this was not a prediction about a hurricane but an actual spiritual storm followed by the flood waters of the Spirit. I received this as a word from the Lord predicting another outpouring of the Spirit in this region greater than the one that happened in the 1990’s. Years later I still remember that trance and vision vividly. This has produced a hope and an expectancy in me that has lasted almost thirty years. Something great is brewing – unprecedented acts of God are on the horizon.

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