Mk.1:17 – Jesus called out to them, “Come, follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!”

It was just another fishing trip except that this time there were no fish. Peter was sure this was going to be the night of the great catch. It sure needed to be, all those debts were piling up. It had been one of our worst nights fishing ever. We were all tired, the nets needed work, and all I could think of was getting some food in my belly and catching some sleep. That’s when all the commotion started, “Launch out into the deep. Put the boat out for a catch”. It was that preacher from Nazareth talking. We really had no argument with him but he was just a carpenter, he knew little or nothing about fishing. The next thing I know we were all helping Peter go on what we all thought was a fool’s errand. That’s when the nets stiffened, began to rip, and began to sink the boat. We had never even seen so many fish. Even my father Zebedee or his father had never seen anything like this.
In a moment of time we were on the beach leaving the fish counting to my dad and others, that’s when I was struck by something special about this preacher.
“Follow Me John, I will make you a true fisherman. From now on you will be catching people.”That was my first glimpse of who Jesus really was. He was more than a carpenter, more than a preacher, and even more than one of the prophets of old. I had heard the Baptist preach but even he was nothing like Jesus. In Jesus the Word of the Father had become a man, when I saw Him that day, I began to see His glory.
I really had no decision to make that day, chasing fishing on the Sea of Galilee or being caught up in the greatest adventure of all time. That’s why I followed Him that day, I saw that the Word Who had been with the Father from the beginning had become a man, I had to follow Him.

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