Heb.1:1,2 – God, after He spoke long ago to the fathers in the prophets in many portions and in many ways, in these last days has spoken to us in His Son, whom He appointed heir of all things, through whom He also made the world.

Inheritances really depend on only one thing, what was the net worth of the person who died. If they had nothing the inheritance is really meaningless; if they were wealthy it is another whole matter all together. Suddenly long lost relatives are coming out of the woodwork and loving family members have unexplainable behavioral changes. In the case of Jesus His death brought Him to a place of inheritance. His inheritance was beyond anything that we can begin to even imagine. He inherited worlds and galaxies that we don’t even know existed. Diamonds, gold, and precious treasures from other worlds that don’t even exist in ours. Yet the most amazing thing about His inheritance is what he values the most, it is you. You are His greatest treasure. Your testimony is His greatest glory. Here is how the New American Commentary describes His inheritance.

“The first clause, “whom he appointed heir of all things,” is striking in its scope. The Son has been appointed by God to inherit all things. The verbal nature of the noun “heir” is sometimes brought out in translations: “to posses at the end”, “to enter into possession of”, “everything will someday belong to the son”. God has promised everything to the Son as his inheritance. The content of the inheritance is said to be “all things.” In light of the context, it would seem that nothing material or spiritual is excluded from the inheritance. The entire created order is intended. The context also relates this inheritance to the full scope of the Son’s redemptive work as well as his eternal status as Son. The inheritance is essentially God’s eschatological rule over all things.”

In the same way seeing Christ from this light changes our perspective on what is truly valuable. Maybe its not the how much money I can accumulate in the banks of this world that really matters after all. Maybe its not things but God’s people and His work that matters most. My inheritance in heaven will be two fold; first and foremost I am an heir of God, He Himself is my treasure. Secondly, the people my life and testimony have effected is my inheritance. Seeing the fruit of our life on earth will be our treasure throughout the coming ages, what I leave behind will be gone and forgotten.

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