1 Cor.14:1 – Pursue love, yet earnestly desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.

This is something you don’t hear from the pulpit very often today, “earnestly desire spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.” When Mary prophesied at her visitation, she had never heard a prophetic utterance before, as a matter of fact no one alive had heard a prophetic utterance. There had not been any for four hundred years. But there Mary was dancing, singing, and prophesying about redemption and about the coming kingdom. Gabriel visited her, the Holy Spirit overshadowed her, the Son of God was conceived in her womb, there was nothing else left to do: she had to prophesy. Check out Luther’s comments on Mary’s song.

“My Soul doth Magnify the Lord” These words express the strong ardor and exuberant joy whereby all her mind and life are inwardly exalted in the Spirit. Wherefore she does not say, “I exalt the Lord,” but, “My soul doth exalt Him.” It is as though she said, “My life and all my senses float in the love and praise of God and in lofty pleasures, so that I am no longer mistress of myself; I am exalted, more than I exalt myself, to praise the Lord.” That is the experience of all those through whom the divine sweetness and Spirit are poured; they cannot find words to utter what they feel. For to praise the Lord with gladness is not a work of man; it is rather a joyful suffering, and the work of God alone. It cannot be taught in words, but must be learned in one’s own experience. Even as David says, in Psalm 34:8, “O taste and see that the Lord is sweet: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.” He puts tasting before seeing, because this sweetness cannot be known unless one has experienced and felt it for oneself…”

So what are you waiting for? Drink deeply of His Spirit, step over into worship, and let the Holy Spirit fall on you. That is what David meant when he said taste and see that the Lord is good. One taste of His sweetness and you will sing along with Mary. This is how you earnestly desire spiritual gifts, you seek after Him. Before you know it your song will be more than a song, you will enter into the world of prophesy as the Spirit pours on you and through you.


  1. Fasten me upon your heart as a seal of
    fire forevermore
    This living, consuming flame
    will seal you as my prisoner of love.
    My passion is stronger
    than the chains of death and the grave
    all consuming as the very flashes of fire
    from the burning heart of God.
    Place this fierce, unrelenting fire over your
    entire being
    Rivers of pain and persecution
    will never extinguish this flame.
    Endless floods will be unable
    to quench this raging fire that burns
    within you
    Everything will be consumed
    It will stop at nothing
    as you yield everything to this furious fire
    until it won’t even seem to you like a
    sacrifice anymore
    S.O.S. 8:6-7

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