Lk.1:46,47 – And Mary said:
“My soul exalts the Lord,
And my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior.

This famous prophetic song gives a glimpse into the supernatural moment that this young jewish girl experienced. She was not yet married, did not know a man intimately, yet believed the word Gabriel spoke over her. It was so real to Mary that she worshipped the Lord and could not keep her feet from dancing. Her body was responding in spontaneity to the glorious touch of the Lord. What did her response look like? First she began to magnify the Lord with worship and declare His greatness in a prophetic song. Next, her joy bubbled over into a spontaneous worship dance, like her forefather David she was dancing before the Lord in His glorious anointing. Here is how Maclaren describes this special moment.

“Silence is impossible, and speech a relief. They are not to be construed with the microscopic accuracy fit to be applied to a treatise on psychology. ‘All that is within’ her praises and is glad. She does not think so much of the stupendous fact as of her own meekly exultant heart, and of God, to whom its outgoings turn. There are moods in which the devout soul dwells on its own calm blessedness and on God, its source, more directly than on the gift which brings it. Note the twofold act—magnifying and rejoicing. We magnify God when we take into our vision some fragment more of the complete circle of His essential greatness, or when, by our means, our fellows are helped to do so. The intended effect of all His dealings is that we should think more nobly—that is, more worthily—of Him. The fuller knowledge of His friendly greatness leads to joy in Him which makes the spirit bound as in a dance—for such is the meaning of the word ‘rejoice’—and which yet is calm and deep.”

Have you danced for joy lately? Dancing, like any other form of worship cannot be a ritualistic, robotic response. Worship, whether from our lips or in a dance, has to come from the heart. Our heart is filled with the joy of His presence And our feet just have to respond. David danced before the ark of the covenant, Mary danced as the Spirit overshadowed her, and we dance in His presence anticipating the great works of the Lord.

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  1. It’s happening every minute, we just don’t take the time to join in, the cares of this life unfortunately gobble up much of our time here. “Seeking first the kingdom” is our daily guide to a firm connection and inclusion of Jesus in our moment to moment lives. He stands ready always right by our sides, He even reminds us at times just how close He is, but He lets us decide when and how often, its a challenge because we cannot see Him with our natural eyes. All things we do are purposeful, we can follow His plan or our own.

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