Ps.81:16 – But I would feed you with the finest of the wheat, and with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.

Taste is a really interesting phenomenon. Have you ever really thought about taste and smell, who thought about that and caused different things to have taste and gave us the ability to discern the various tastes of different things. Our Creator is amazingly creative and most of the time His mysteries pass right by us. This description of the Lord as honey from the rock is very interesting. Christ is the rock, the foundation and building stone of the kingdom of God. He is also the honey that comes from the rock, only He could be called sweeter than honey.

This verse reveals to us the experiential nature of our Christian faith. It is not knowing facts and information that makes us a Christian, it is tasting Him for ourselves that brings us into the reality of our Christian faith. Like David and later the Apostle Peter said, “taste and see that the Lord is good”. Not only did the Lord give us natural senses like seeing, hearing, tasting, and smelling – He also gives those who are born again the ability to taste or perceive as real the things of the kingdom of God. Here is how Jonathan Edwards describes this in a true believer’s experience.

“…in the exercise of this new sense of mind, in spiritual and divine things, as entirely diverse from anything that is perceived in them, by natural men, as the sweet taste of honey is diverse from the ideas men get of honey by only looking on it, and feeling of it. So that the spiritual perceptions which a sanctified and spiritual person has, are not only diverse from all that natural men have, after the manner that the ideas or perceptions of the same sense may differ one from another, but rather as the ideas and sensations of different senses do differ. Hence the work of the Spirit of God in regeneration is often in Scripture compared to the giving a new sense, giving eyes to see, and ears to hear, unstopping the ears of the deaf, and opening the eyes of them that were born blind, and turning from darkness unto light.”

Jesus is sweeter than you can imagine to those who know Him. Solomon famously called Him altogether lovely. He really is sweeter than honey that is flowing from the Rock called Christ.

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