Mk.6:41 – And He took the five loaves and the two fish, and looking up toward heaven, He blessed the food and broke the loaves and He gave them to the disciples again and again to set before them; and He divided the two fish among them all.

One of the universal needs amongst all mankind is provision – especially our need for food is at the heart of this great need. When Jesus taught us to pray He started with worship, “Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Your Name”. From there, He talks about kingdom come and moves right into our daily need, “Give us today our daily bread”. In the great story of the feeding of the 5,000, Jesus stops everything and everyone right in their tracks; He looks up into heaven worshipping and looking to His Father for His supply. This is how we live our lives everyday, we are totally dependent on the Lord for every piece of bread. We are dependent on Him for everything. Here Is how Matthew Henry describes this scene.

“A blessing was craved upon the meat; He looked up to heaven, and blessed. Christ did not call one of his disciples to crave a blessing, but did it himself; and by virtue of this blessing the bread strangely multiplied, and so did the fishes, for they did all eat, and were filled, though they were to the number of five thousand. This miracle was significant, and shows that Christ came into the world, to be the great feeder as well as the great healer; not only to restore, but to preserve and nourish, spiritual life; and in him there is enough for all that come to him, enough to fill the soul, to fill the treasures; none are sent empty away from Christ, but those that come to him full of themselves.”

Just as we need daily physical nourishment from the food God supplies, we are also in need of His daily bread that feeds our souls. Christ is the bread that came down from heaven to nourish us everyday. Our responsibility is to stop, like Jesus did, look up into heaven, and recognize how dependent we are on Him. He Himself is our food. Every day we feast on the word of God in our private times, allowing His word to be our daily bread. We feast on Christ also as we worship and pray. Jesus taught us to pray with the way that He prayed. We look to Him today and say, “Our Father in heaven we worship you, give us today our daily bread”.

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  1. Communicating with Jesus, nothing more simple, although the depth of which is beyond infinite. Food provision, banquets, marriage supper, His simple way to draw us to His table where He can love on us. That just chokes me up in the most intimate way.

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