Jn.6:11 – Jesus then took the loaves, and after giving thanks He distributed them to those who were reclining; likewise also of the fish, as much as they wanted.

We all live in a world of God’s supernatural supply. I suppose we are not aware of His supply because it is just always there. As a child, I never considered if there would be food on our table everyday. I didn’t understand my earthly father’s daily sacrifice to provide for his family; it happened and I was totally unaware of all the effort that was entailed. My dad worked, my mom took care of the home and the shopping, and everyday there was plenty to eat on our table. That’s just like the world we live in; God’s gracious and abundant supply is happening all around us. The seeds are sprouting, the trees and plants are bearing fruit, and we enjoy His bounty everyday. In the feeding of the multitudes, the provision just became more apparent. We see clearly displayed that we always eat from His hand. Here is how Augustine described this scenario.

“For certainly the government of the whole world is a greater miracle than the satisfying of five thousand men with five loaves; and yet no man wonders at the former; but the latter men wonder at, not because it is greater, but because it is rare. For who even now feeds the whole world, but He who creates the cornfield from a few grains? He therefore created as God creates. For, whence He multiplies the produce of the fields from a few grains, from the same source He multiplied in His hands the five loaves. The power, indeed, was in the hands of Christ; but those five loaves were as seeds, not indeed committed to the earth, but multiplied by Him who made the earth.”

When we experience lack in our lives, our response should be to look to our Father in heaven. Jesus took the opportunity to teach His disciples this lesson when the crowds had been following Him for three days in the wilderness. He took the little boy’s lunch and treated the loaves and the fish as He would seeds on a daily basis. Just as He causes seeds to sprout and trees to bring forth fruit daily, He caused the fish and the loaves to multiply to satisfy the needs of the crowd. This is what He does everyday; He is always multiplying fish and bread. Lord, open our eyes that we can see your miracle supply that is right in front of us everyday. You are always working and orchestrating all things for our good.

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