Acts 15:36 – Then after some days Paul said to Barnabas, “Let us now go back and visit our brethren in every city where we have preached the word of the Lord, and see how they are doing”.

This scripture describes Paul’s decision to launch out in his second missionary journey and revisit the areas he had previously preached in. He decided to go back to the churches he had started on his first mission trip and strengthen them in the faith. George Whitefield may have been inspired by Paul’s practice. Whitefield was known for going back to places he had experienced success for a second visit. These second visits often proved to be more beneficial and fruitful than the first.
Jesus Himself had a similar practice. One of His well known miracles was the deliverance of the man bound by demonic spirits in a region called Gadara. After this man was set free several interesting things happened. First, this man was found fully clothed (apparently he often would disrobe himself) and sitting at the feet of Jesus. Next, the townspeople drove Jesus out. Finally, this formerly demon possessed man preached and told his story all over the region called Decapolis.

Now we get to the fun part – After a lengthy time of ministry in different parts of the country, Jesus returned to the Decapolis area. When Jesus returned, people received Him. This is where they brought a deaf man to Jesus; Jesus put his fingers in his ears, spit on his hand and touched the man’s tongue with saliva. Possibly this miracle instigated the events in Mark 8. The crowds gathered for teaching and healing. These meetings went on for three days, after three days Jesus fed the multitudes for the second time. 4000 were fed and the gospel effected this whole region.
Now what is the point of this story today? Meager results are no reason to give up. The Lord told Paul to go back to Galatia. The first trip there hadn’t ended so well; if you remember, he left after being beaten in one town and stoned in another. His second trip brought new strength to the churches as well as broadened his horizons. Paul ended up in Europe which began the change of world civilization.
Whitefield also faced opposition in many cities. He was pelted with eggs, tomatoes, and even animal body parts as he preached. Often times when he returned, his converts had made inroads in the area and greater works would be experienced.

Maybe this devotion is a word for someone. Maybe it’s time to circle back where you may have not seen as much happen as you would like- the next visit may be historic.

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