Heb.3:1 – Therefore, holy brothers and sisters, partakers of a heavenly calling, consider the Apostle and High Priest of our confession: Jesus;

Stop for a minute and take another look at Jesus. Consider Him and His greatness. Think about His electing love, how He has loved you from eternity. Consider His amazing plan of redemption, to become a man and die in our place. Consider His willingness to be rejected and crucified for us. This is a love far different than anything this world knows or possesses. Consider His resurrection and the power that raised Him from the dead. Consider His heavenly ministry, His unceasing prayers for us. Consider Him as the Baptizer in the Spirit. His anointing falls over us again and again. Here is how Andrew Murray describes this verse.

“The word consider, from the root of the Latin word for Star, originally means to contemplate the stars. It suggests the idea of the astronomer, and the quiet, patient, persevering, concentrated gaze with which he seeks to discover all that can be possibly known of the stars which the object of his study are. And Jesus, who is God, who became man, and perfected our human nature in His wonderful life of suffering and obedience, and now dwells in heaven to communicate to us its life and blessedness—oh, what reason there is for saying, Consider Jesus. Gaze upon Him, contemplate Him. For some increased knowledge of the stars what devotion, what enthusiasm, what sacrifices are oft-times witnessed. Oh, let the study and possession of the Son of God waken our devotion and our enthusiasm, that we may be able to tell men what beauty and what glory there is in Jesus.”

Murray brings out the interesting connection of the word consider to one who gazes at the stars. I suppose star gazing is quite important. It must be, the latest telescope called James Webb telescope carries a price tag of just below 10 billion dollars. There is such an interest at considering the universe that several nations pooled together to pay that sum. For those of us who have caught a glimpse of Christ, we too are willing to pay a high price to consider Him. What does it cost us? It costs us our life. When you see the value of the Son of God you are willing to walk away from everything else because of the exceeding value of knowing Him. He is the the pearl of great price.

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  1. Consider, I have come to that, gaze at intently, before, during and after reading my bible. In the slowing down and quieting of the chewing, an extraordinary sense becomes available, as the Helper leads the way. I’m not waiting until my face to face with all my questions answered appointed time, He said seek and you shall find. Lead me to the things that are higher than I.

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