SOS 2:1 – I am the rose of Sharon, the lily of the valleys.

Apparently everything in God’s creation speaks to us of the glory of Christ. In the Song of Solomon the Lord called Himself the Lily of the Valleys. Some of the church fathers see the humility, death, and resurrection of Christ in this depiction, the Lily of the Valleys. The valleys speak to us of the lower parts of the earth and speak about humility. Christ humbled Himself to become a man and continued to humble Himself unto death. He didn’t succumb to an average or ordinary death but He died the worst humiliation I can imagine. Christ was mocked, beaten, stripped naked and died on a cross, the victim of Roman crucifixion. Death could not hold down our Lord, He was resurrected from the dead after three days. Just as the lily bulb rises from the earth in glory, Christ was raised from the earth in the glory of resurrection. He died in disgrace, He was raised in glory and honor. He is the Lily of The Valley radiating the beauty of God. Here is how Theodoret of Cyrus describes Christ as the Lily of The Valley.

“I was “a flower of the countryside,” that is, I assumed an earthly body and sprang from the earth, being eternal and exalted or, rather, immeasurable. I became “a lily” not of mountains or hills, or simply of the countryside, but of “valleys”: I brought not only the good news of salvation to the living but also resurrection to the dead, descending to the lower parts of the earth to fill everything. This is the reason he calls himself “a flower of the countryside, a lily of the valleys,” that is, the dead: to them he both promised and brought into effect a return to life.”

Many Bible interpreters actually say that Solomon’s bride was the Lily of The Valley. If that is true I am okay with that. What would that mean, the beauty and glory of our Solomon, Jesus Himself, has been transmitted to us. We are also the lilies that have come up from the earth. Resurrection power is flowing through us from our relationship of intimacy with Christ. Christ has risen from the dead and so have we. We don’t need to wait until our body dies to experience resurrection power, resurrection life is surging through us now. We have been raised up from our lives of death to flourish as His lilies of glory in this life. He truly is the Lily of the Valleys.

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  1. I love this! Fairest of 10,000..Jesus is the Lily of all my valleys… He stands Valiantly..head and shoulders above all the rest. There is no mistaking his glorious Presence with me then or today….🌈🌈!! Because of Him, death can’t hold us either 💚💚💚. Because He lives I can face tomorrow 🌻🌼🌸🌺💐🌷🌹

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