SOS 2:16 – My beloved is mine, and I am his; He pastures his flock among the lilies.

Christ is not only the Lily of The Valley to us we are lilies of the field to Him. We shine with His reflected glory and appear to Him as the beautiful lilies. We delight ourselves in Him and He delights Himself in us. We have been brought into a fellowship with the Lord that will endure throughout this life into eternity. We are His purchased possession, we belong to Him. He walks with us as we graze together in His abundant meadows. He is our Shepherd and He makes us lie down among the lilies of the field. Here is a quote from Henry on this amazing verse.

“Believers share in Christ; they have not only an interest in him but also enjoyment of him; they are taken not only into covenant but also into fellowship with him.…He is to them what the world neither is nor can be, all they need and desire, and what will make them completely happy. All he is, all he has, all he has done, and all he is doing is theirs; all he has promised in the Gospel, all he has prepared in heaven, all is yours…..She comforts herself with the thoughts of the assurance of his grace to his people: He feeds among the lilies. When she desires the signs of his favor to her in particular, she rejoices in the assurance of his presence with all believers in general, who are lilies in his eyes. He feeds among them, that is, he takes as much pleasure in them and their meetings as people do in their gardens or in the food that is on their table, for he walks in the midst of the golden candlesticks; he delights to be with them, talk with them, and do them good.”

If this passage is true how often are we unaware of the benefits that are available to us. He is walking among us. The ESV Bible says “he grazes among the lilies”. So He not only walks with us, He grazes with us in our mutual love. This relationship is very personal, the benefits of it are astounding, yet it is so easy to miss because we are distracted by what our physical senses tell us. Our Beloved is here walking among the lilies of the field, today I will take some time to walk with Him there.


  1. I love that I have been made aware of and so much so I’m captivated by His presence and all of my senses that become alerted to the way He envelopes me. This is when I most feel alive and that my life does indeed have purpose.

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