Zech.4:7 – ‘Who are you, O great mountain?

Before Zerubbabel you shall become a plain!

And he shall bring forth the capstone

With shouts of “Grace, grace to it!”‘”

This verse captured my attention in an unusual season of trials around 1990. The ministry was being attacked in such a severe way that I began to doubt my calling to New Orleans. This word spoken over me (among others) by Dick Mills got my eyes off of my troubles and back on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith. Jesus is the capstone, the finishing stone of God’s house. He is also the cornerstone, the first stone laid in the foundation of His house. He will finish His work, not only finish it but will finish it with His glorious grace with our shouts of grace, grace at our amazement of His work. Here is how Jonathan Edwards described today’s verse.

“The gospel dispensation is finished wholly and entirely in free and glorious grace: there is glorious grace, shines in every part of the great work of redemption; the foundation is laid in grace, the superstructure is reared in grace, and the whole is finished in glorious grace.

The headstone (capstone) is that which entirely crowns and finishes the whole work, signifying that the entire gospel dispensation was to be finished in mere grace.

This stone was to [be] brought with repeated shouting or rejoicings at the grace of God, signifying the admirableness and gloriousness of this grace.

The wonders of divine grace are the greatest of all wonders. The wonders of divine power and wisdom in the making [of] this great world are marvelous; other wonders of his justice in punishing sin are wonderful; many wonderful things have happened since the creation of the world, but none like the wonders of grace. “Grace, grace!” is the sound that the gospel rings with, “Grace, grace!” will be that shout which will ring in heaven forever; and perhaps what the angels sung at the birth of Christ, of God’s good will towards men, is the highest theme that ever they entered upon.”

So if we are approaching the fulfillment of this prophecy, the final stone in His house being put in place, then we must look again to our foundation. Jesus and the apostolic message is the foundation. Our task is to build His house on that foundation, the power and revelation of the apostolic church. The capstone is about to be put in place, I think its time to shout.

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