Jn.1:16 – For of His fullness we have all received, and grace upon grace.

I love this verse in the first chapter of John. The way he says “grace upon grace” is describing grace being heaped upon us again and again. Grace upon grace cannot be over exaggerated because it is simply describing the infinite blessing of God. You could say infinite upon infinite is God’s gracious favor upon us. It will take eternity to display the amazing grace of God, that is to say it will have no end. So have you tasted the grace of God for yourself? Have you glimpsed the beauty of having your sins washed away? Have you tasted the goodness of His love filling you heart? How about experiencing the power of His presence falling on you and filling you with joy unspeakable? Are you experiencing His power surging through you? All of these things are just the edge of this grace upon grace that will fill our hearts for eternity. Here is how 19 year old Jonathan Edwards described this glorious grace.

“No less than salvation and eternal glory are the fruits of this grace of the gospel; adoption, union with Christ, communion with God, the indwelling of the Holy Ghost, the heavenly happiness, the pleasure of the eternal paradise, the new Jerusalem, the glorious and triumphant resurrection of the body, and an everlasting reign with Christ in the height of glory, and pleasure and happiness: no less than these things are the effects of this marvelous grace.

What a vast difference is there between a poor, miserable sinner, full of sin, condemned to hellfire, and, a saint shining forth in robes of glory, and crowned with a crown of victory and triumph; but ’tis no less difference than this, is made in the same man by the grace of God in Christ.”

It’s funny how easy it is for the dullness of this world to creep in on us and block our view of His glorious grace. Like Edwards said; we have received the Spirit of adoption, recognizing our union with the Lord, pondering our eternal joy in heaven, and our coming resurrection. God’s grace makes these things real to us and fills our hearts with joy. Without the power of His grace these are just meaningless doctrines we espouse. So I say celebrate His goodness, shout for joy to the Lord, allow Him to overwhelm you again with His grace and you will begin your exploration of grace upon grace right now.

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