Matt.24:37 – For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah.

If you read this passage with an open and hungry heart it will terrify and rejoice you at the same time. These words of Jesus were spoken during the last week before His death. He was going away to prepare a place for you and for me so that He could return to earth to gather up His inheritance, His sons and daughters. The thing that grabs our attention here is His mention of Noah. The Lord had said that judgement came upon the earth in Noah’s day because of the sinful condition the world had come to. The day of judgement and the day of divine rescue is what Noah’s story is all about. Just like today and just like Sodom, apparently it was the gross sexual sin that was bringing in this judgement. Just as He rescued Noah and Noah’s family, He will also rescue a portion of this generation. Here is how Matthew Henry describes this passage.

“Things are bad when bad people are not only honored in spite of their wickedness, but are also honored for their wickedness, and the vilest exalted. Wickedness is then great when great people are wicked. Their wickedness was great, that is, much sin was committed in all places, by all sorts of people. Such sin in its own nature was most gross, heinous, and offensive. It was committed daringly and with a defiance of heaven. No care was taken by those that had power in their hands to restrain and punish it.….God observed the fountain of sin that was in the people’s hearts. Anyone might see that the wickedness of man was great, for they declared their sin as Sodom; but God’s eye went farther: He saw that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually — a sad sight, and very offensive to God’s holy eye! This was the bitter root, the corrupt spring. All the violence and oppression, all the evil desires and wantonness that were in the world, proceeded from the corruption of nature. Evil desire conceived them.”

You would have to agree that the world has become darker in these last few years and the sin has become more obvious and open. Brazen and arrogant sin demands a divine response. Sexual sin is even more grievous than other sin because it is a sin against the human body. The Lord views this personally since we are created in His image. The Lord will return; it will be the great and terrible day. For those who are hidden away in Christ (like Noah in the ark) it will be a day of great celebration. For those on the outside it will be unthinkable.

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  1. Without spot or blemish, only this kind can’t be bought at the plastic surgeon’s work place. The body, the church is not without it’s reprimands, just read Revelation. This is all about making the bride ready, everything in creation pointing to that, there is no other agenda. Choose to live foolish or choose to live prepared.

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