Rom.9:28 – For He will finish the work and cut it short in righteousness,
Because the LORD will make a short work upon the earth.

Rom.9:28 – Amp. – For the Lord will execute His sentence upon the earth [He will conclude and close His account with men completely and without delay], rigorously cutting it short in His justice.

Rom.9:28 – TPT – For the Lord Yahweh will act
and carry out his word on the earth,
and waste no time to accomplish it!

Time is an interesting thing. We live in time and cannot comprehend what it would be like to be outside of that realm, you know, the place where God lives. But time can seem to play tricks on you, especially as you get older. Thinking back at childhood, one year, especially a school year seemed to last for an eternity. As we get older time seems to speed up. I have been a Christian approaching fifty years now, in some ways it seems like I blinked and fifty years just passed. I wonder if that has anything to do with what Peter said explaining that to God a thousand years is like a day and a day is like a thousand years, makes you think about things differently. Here is a definition of the phrase ‘cut short’ from today’s verse.

“to cut or divide. To cut short, to contract by cutting; of words or actions, to make concise. Figuratively, to decide, determine, decree (Rom. 9:28, “For His word He fulfills and He decrees in righteousness, for His word decreed will the Lord execute upon the land” a citation from Is. 10:22, 23 where the Hebrew reads, “Destruction is decreed, bringing in justice as a flood; for a decreed destruction does Jehovah of hosts execute;”

If you read this verse in context the Lord is talking specifically about the final harvest of the last days. Apparently time will accelerate and events will unfold rapidly. We can see this happening all around us as the events of our world bring rapid change. I can remember talking about the invention of iPhone around 2005, a lot has changed in these few short years. It has changed the way we live. So don’t be too surprised at the way things accelerate right under our noses in 2023. Communication has made world evangelism a lot easier. I believe that God’s final chapter will be quick and decisive. The final harvest is about to unfold in front of everyone, acceleration is the word for 2023.

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