Isa.42:9 – Behold, the former things have come to pass,

Now I declare new things;

Before they sprout I proclaim them to you.

It seems to be easier to believe God did amazing things in the past but not so easy to expect Him to do the same things today. Everyone seems to want God to move again, just do it the way I think it should happen. I’ll never forget a New Years Eve service we had at our church a number of years ago which included several ministers and pastors from other churches. One of the pastors got up to receive an offering and was praying that God would send revival. As he prayed the joy of the Lord fell across the crowd, people were rejoicing and being filled with joy. The funny thing is that this guy rejected what was happening all around Him and was praying for God to send real revival. I really felt bad for that preacher. Here is what Henry says about this verse.

“Behold, the former things have come to pass; up to this time the LORD has helped his church. He has supported the church under former burdens, relieved the church in previous difficulties — all this in fulfillment of the promises made to their ancestors. There has not failed one word. And now new things do I declare. Now I will make new promises, which will be as certainly fulfilled in their season as the old ones were; now I will give you new favors, such as have not been conferred formerly. You have had an abundance of Old Testament blessings; now I declare New Testament blessings, not a fruitful country and rule over your neighbors, but spiritual blessings in heavenly things. Before they spring forth in the preaching of the Gospel, I tell you of them, under the type of the former things.” This shows us that the receipt of former blessings can encourage us to hope for further blessings, for God is faithful in caring for his people, and his compassions are always new.”

Just as the Pharisees embraced what God “used to do”, they missed what was happening right under their noses in the ministry of Jesus. Don’t be surprised if something brand new begins to break out, the Lord is not limited to do only the same things over and over again. 2023 may be a year of God’s new thing. I don’t want to stand in the way when His Spirit is poured out, I think its time for God’s new thing.

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  1. I love that God judges the heart and even in that He is so merciful. Mustard seed size unlocks full potential. That is overwhelming!

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