Jn1:1-In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

I always think of Peter as the Fisherman but, if you remember, John was a fisherman too. As a matter of fact John’s dad was part of that ‘fishing partnership’ with Peter, John, and Andrew. Things must have changed drastically that day when Peter, John, and Andrew left their nets to follow Jesus; but that’s not what I want to talk about today. Today I want to focus on the first 18 verses of John’s gospel. Some say this was actually a song sung in the early church. Nevertheless, it is filled with revelation unfolded in the gospel of John. The life and miracles of Jesus seen in John’s gospel reveal the theology of this song. Here is how the Pillar Commentary describes it

“The Prologue to John (Jn1:1-18 -) is arguably the most important passage in the whole Gospel. It functions as a musical overture, opening up the core symbols and central themes that provide the key to the Gospel’s meaning at the outset. Unlike the characters in the ensuing narrative, we as readers know the truth about Jesus in a way they do not. Practically every section of the Gospel narrative can be headed with a phrase or verse or symbol from the Prologue, so well does it sum up the Gospel message.

Originally the Prologue may have been a hymn to the Logos, arising from the early Christian community. It has a poetic structure, and the language, though simple, has a grand, majestic tone. Yet, if so, the evangelist has adapted it to include not only the proclamation of Jesus’ divine origins and identity but also the beginnings of the Gospel’s plot: we encounter first the story of John the Baptist, then the narrative of Jesus the incarnate Word in his revelation of the Father.”

So I wonder if this was a song written by John. We will have to ask him when we see him on the other side. At any rate it is loaded with revelation. It tells us about the Word who has been with the Father from eternity. We see this Word as a person, the Creator, and One who has been loved by the Father from the beginning. We also see Him as the Word Who became a man. The revelation is shocking, hardly the words of a fisherman. No wonder John made it a song, this is the Song of a Fisherman.

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  1. The Way, The Truth, The Life and so, so much more. He came with an invitation without qualification to all and traded our death for His life. I’m in!

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