Jn1:2 – He was in the beginning with God.

This short statement, though easily overlooked, is filled with supernatural implications. Jesus has not only always been, He has been with the Father, knowing and loving the Father intimately from eternity. This is the point of John’s gospel, Christ lives and enjoys life with the Father and He became one of us that we may share that same intimate relationship. His life, miracles, and love draw us to the Father. John unveils this love in his gospel, from turning water into wine, to healing the blind man, causing the lame to leap for joy, and raising Lazarus from the dead. All of that draws us into the Father’s love. Here is how Barclay describes this .

“John goes on to say that the word was with God. What does he mean by that? He means that there has always been the closest connection between the word and God. Let us put that in another and a simpler way – there has always been the most intimate connection between Jesus and God. That means no one can tell us what God is like, what God’s will is for us, what God’s love and heart and mind are like, as Jesus can.

Let us take a simple human analogy. If we want to know what someone really thinks and feels about something, and if we are unable to approach the person ourselves, we do not go to a mere acquaintance who has known that person only a short time; we go to someone whom we know to be an intimate friend of many years’ standing. We know that the friend will really be able to interpret the mind and the heart of the other person to us. It is something like that that John is saying about Jesus. He is saying that Jesus has always been with God.”

John’s gospel may not include the historical information found in the other gospels but John brings us face to face with eternity. This is what our hearts are hungry and thirsty for. He shows all of that in the message of the Bread of Life and the story about drinking Living Water. We may think that we just need a physical healing or a financial breakthrough but behind all of that is what John was bringing us to. This natural world is temporary and passing away, eternity is just getting started.

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  1. I find that freely praising and worshipping God keeps me as close as possible to eternity. This crazy world is not my home, and Yes we’re just passing through. What we do on this journey determines our destiny onward to Heaven🥳🙏🏽❣️
    Jesus carrying us through and to Heaven by His word; by his Love 💗

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