Jn.1:3 – All things came into being through Him, and apart from Him not even one thing came into being that has come into being.

Jn.1:3 -TPT – And through his creative inspiration

this Living Expression made all things,

for nothing has existence apart from him!

John goes beyond displaying Jesus as the Word Who simply created all things, John is describing the Word as the sustainer of all things. The Lord did not just set things in motion with something like a “Big Bang” and then back away from His creation, He has always been intimately involved with maintaining the order and sustaining all things. We see this come out into the open when the Word became a man and lived among us. Again we see the involvement of the Creator with everything that was made. No wonder He turned water into wine, fed the multitudes with a few fish and pieces of bread, walked on water, and raised people from the dead. He is not only the Creator but the Ruler of all creation. Here is how Luther describes today’s verse.

“Here Saint John points out that Jesus is God and has been God from eternity, antedating the world and the beginning of all things, also that God created the world and all creatures through the Word, his only-begotten Son and divine wisdom. But he also says that through him God still governs and preserves his creation and will govern and preserve it until the end of time. In other words, the Son of God is co-creator of heaven and earth with the Father. He is, however, not like a carpenter or architect who, after completing a house, a ship, or the like, turns over the house to its owner for his residence or the ship to the boatmen or mariners for sailing, and then goes his way.…….God proceeds differently. God the Father initiated and executed the creation of all things through the Word; and now he continues to preserve his creation through the Word, and that forever and ever. He remains with his handwork until he sees fit to terminate it.”

John wrote his gospel so that we may know this One he called the Word personally. Again, He is not far off and uninvolved with you. If you know Him you are His new creation, He is governing and sustaining every part of your life. Your new life in Christ is His new creation, created, nourished, and governed by His Word.

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