2 Cor.3:17 – Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

There is an incredible, new found freedom to those who begin to embrace the work of the Spirit in their lives. This freedom encompasses various aspects of their lives including freedom from the bondage of the law as well as freedom from sin. This freedom flows into us as we walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Vine’s Wordbook describes this freedom as a freedom from slavery. We were once slaves to sin but now we have been freed by the power of the Spirit. Here is Vine’s comments.

“eleutheria, “liberty,” The phraseology is that of liberation from slavery, which among the Greeks was effected by a legal fiction, according to which the manumitted slave was purchased by a god; as the slave could not provide the money, the master paid it into the temple treasury in the presence of the slave, a document being drawn up containing the words “for freedom.” No one could enslave him again, as he was the property of the god.”

The Expositor’s Commentary also describes freedom from the law as well as freedom from sin but adds that we have also been freed from death itself. Here is the Expositor’s comments.

“Paul’s point is that the Spirit’s presence brings liberation, not bondage. Not only does he remove the veil; he also sets a person free from bondage to sin, to death, and to the law as a means of acquiring righteousness.”

Adam Clarke has some interesting thoughts on this verse. He emphasizes our cooperation with the Spirit. Check out his thoughts.

“Wherever this Gospel is received, there the Spirit of the Lord is given; and wherever that Spirit lives and works, there is liberty, not only from Jewish bondage, but from the slavery of sin-from its power, its guilt, and its pollution.”

Regretfully, far too often we do not take advantage of the liberty we have available to us by walking in the Spirit. This liberty is not a liberty to continue in sin but it is a liberty from the power of sin. The freedom that the Spirit offers is the fruit of Him working in us; we are satisfied with Him. The enjoyment of God through the presence of the Holy Spirit liberates us from bondage to rules as well as the bondage of sin itself. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom.

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