Isa.11:2 – The Spirit of the LORD will rest on Him,
The spirit of wisdom and understanding,
The spirit of counsel and strength,

Making right choices can avoid major problems in our lives as well as help us find our role in life. Just as a mother often can give wise counsel to her sons and daughters, the Holy Spirit fills that role in the life of a Christian. His counsel will always glorify the Lord as well as direct our lives into His green pastures. In today’s world we are often pressured to follow the crowd in our beliefs and in our behavior. The Holy Spirit is not understood at all by the non-born again population that is pressuring everyone around them to follow lock step in their path of darkness. In the last several years we have been pressured to accept marriage between two members of the same sex as normal, that marijuana is harmless and should be legalized, that people should choose what bathroom they want to use, and that anyone can decide what gender they are based on the way they feel. The big problem with all of this, lost people can never understand God’s ways and can never lead you in a good direction. Here is what
W.E. Vine said about this passage.

“The first, “the spirit of wisdom and understanding,” relates to powers of mind: wisdom discerns the nature of things, understanding discerns their differences. The second, “the spirit of counsel and might,” relates to practical activity: counsel is the ability to adopt right conclusions, might is the power exercised in carrying them out. The third pair, “the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord,” relates to fellowship with Jehovah; knowledge is here a knowledge of Jehovah; Christ Himself said “ye have not known Him (ginōskō, i.e., ye have not begun to know Him), but I know Him (oida, i.e., I know Him intuitively and fully),” John 8:55.”

So the essence of all of this comes from knowing the Lord. A personal relationship with the Lord puts us in a position to receive wisdom and counsel from Him. The Spirit of the Lord brings us the wisdom and counsel of the Lord. He will take God’s written word and use it to bring very real direction into our lives. The Spirit of wisdom and counsel is on Jesus, look to Him and allow His counsel to flood your life.

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